Louis 'Skip' Sander
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This is Lou Sander
Lou's given name is
Louis Frederick Sander, Jr.
When he was born, his parents thought of him as "the skipper of their ship," and gave him the nickname Skipper.

He was known as Skipper until he was in third grade, when he began to be known as Skip.

People almost universally knew him as Skip Sander until he was about 40 years old and began to write for publication, always under the name Louis F. Sander.  

Around that time, he discarded the name Skip and became known as Lou.
Over the next 20+ years, fewer and fewer people knew him as Skip, and more and more knew him as Lou.
By the start of the 21st century, just about everyone knew him as Lou, except for family members, neighbors, and very old friends.
In 2003, he became active in a Navy reunion group, and he reconnected with a lot of people who had known him years ago as Skip.
Today, he answers to both Lou and Skip, but how he introduces himself depends on who he's introducing himself to. It's all VERY confusing.  
The bottom line is that you can call him whatever you like.
Just don't call him late for dinner.

Louis 'Skip' Sander

This Web Site tells about Louis F. Sander, his creations, his background, and his interests. It's part autobiography, and part just fun. (Fun for Lou, in putting it together, and fun for you, in looking at some of the unusual partsóLou is a unique individual, as you'll see when you dig into the site.) The site was in place many years before MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. were even dreamed of, so maybe Lou is operating years ahead of his time. Look around and see if you agree.

You can explore the site (and major aspects of Lou) by clicking on the pictures below or the links at the top of any page. You can click here to go directly to Lou's family pages.

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This site started back in the late 1980s or early 1990s, when Lou, faced with unemployment, put together a very complete record of the many jobs he had held. He's a pretty thorough fellow when it comes to things like this, so he ended up with a BIG compilation of information about himself, including the addresses of every house he had ever lived in, every school he had ever attended, contact information for every employer he had had since high school, etc. It was an interesting project, and led to some substantial self-understanding.

Sometime in the late 1990s, Lou bought an H-P computer running Windows 95. It came with lots of free software, most of it not very useful. One of the programs was Trellix, an early web authoring program, which sat for quite a while, unused and unknown, on the computer. One long weekend, Easter, as he remembers it, Lou came across Trellix, became curious, and decided to try making a web site. Lou climbed the Trellix learning curve, and before the weekend was over, the beginnings of this web site were available on the Internet. It was kind of a thrill to Lou, though he didn't know anybody who could even access the site, let alone be interested in what it contained. As Lou learned more about Trellix, he'd try out various features by incorporating them into the site. Trellix grew and eventually became CUTE Site Builder, a pretty powerful web authoring program of which Lou eventually mastered every feature. Lou's web site kept growing and growing, mostly as an amusement for Lou. His hosting company went out of business in 2008 or so, and the site went dark. In March of 2011, he decided to resurrect it, and here we have it today.

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