Louis 'Skip' Sander
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Boards of Directors

Boards of Directors
Board of Directors
Lou has participated in over 300 formal board meetings, and has presided at about a third of them. He has successfully recruited dozens of board members, trained them, and inspired them to high performance. When necessary, he has weeded out non-performing members.

As a board officer, he has evaluated and hired executives, auditors, consultants and legal advisors. He is expert at proposing workable plans and ideas, then getting them implemented by the board. He is a knowledgeable amateur parliamentarian, and is skilled at getting boards to resolve their differences on weighty matters.

Lou's most significant board experience was with the Northland Public Library Authority, which owns and operates the largest suburban library in Pennsylvania. He chaired the board, headed the finance and personnel committees, and served as liaison with state and local governments. He was heavily involved in the institution's growth from a struggling storefront operation to a position of statewide and national eminence.  

As a library Trustee, Lou was intimately involved in every aspect of this important multi-million-dollar cultural institution. He participated in all decisions involved in the construction of a world-class 30,000 sq. ft. library building, and in its operation after it was built. He was selected to serve on the Governor's Committee preparing a comprehensive plan for libraries in Pennsylvania.

He debated, approved, and monitored eleven annual budgets, and signed every check issued against several of them. He was also heavily involved in raising the money to fund the budgets. Most of the funding came from five diverse suburban municipalities, and year after year Lou was a leader in persuading them to agree on the library's budget. (Unanimous agreement was required, and getting it was extraordinarily challenging).

Lou has also played an active part in dozens of board meetings of the Pennsylvania Professional Employment Network, and has made numerous presentations to boards of the Allegheny Regional Asset District and several local governments.