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Lou's work appears in a lot of books. He is the author of two books published by McGraw-Hill, one of which has been translated into Italian. His work has appeared in at least six other books, one of them a folklore anthology that spent several weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. The others are about computers and software. All these books are illustrated below. You can see more about any book by clicking on its cover.

Lou Sander's Tips & Tricks for Commodore Computers is a best-selling compilation of tips for personal computers and software. The tips cover everything from printer supplies to programming the video display to machine language. Many of them are useful programs in BASIC or another language. The content is highly organized and indexed, and each chapter begins with a quotation from a historical figure. Many believe that this is the best book of computer tips ever written. Published by TAB Books / McGraw-Hill, and a recommended selection of the Computer Book Club.  Back
600 Consigli e Trucchi per Commodore is the Italian translation of Lou Sander's Tips & Tricks. Lou first learned about the translation when two copies arrived in the mail. You can imagine his feeling of surprise when he opened the unexpected package. Published by Apogeo, Milan, Italy.  Back
Lou Sander's Gold Mine is a collection of user-submitted tips for playing and winning specific computer games. Unlike Tips & Tricks, where much of the material was developed by Lou, every item in Gold Mine was submitted by somebody else. Testing these tips was so difficult that Lou never even tried. A recommended selection of the Computer Book Club, published by TAB Books / McGraw-Hill.  Back
Let's face it, Truly Tasteless Jokes Three is a collection of naughty stories. The names of the contributors aren't published, but two of the jokes are Lou's (pages 39 & 108). In the world of literary genres, naughty jokes are classifed as folkloreó this particular folklore spent quite some time on the New York Times list of paperback bestsellers. Otherwise, Lou wouldn't mention it. Published by Ballantine Books.  Back
Stupid PC Tricks isn't as stupid as it sounds. It's a collection of games and amusements for DOS-based computers, written in the BASIC programming language. Lou's contributions were BUGLE, a program to play any of twenty different bugle calls, and WILLTE, a virtuoso performance of Rossini's William Tell Overture. The book was published by Addison-Wesley, a respected publisher of hardback and paperback nonfiction.  Back
Stupid Beyond Belief PC Tricks, a non-stupid sequel to Stupid PC Tricks, is another collection of original programs and amusements. Lou's contribution is SINGME, a jukebox program featuring 36 familiar songs, from Farmer in the Dell to Scarborough Fair. Published by Addison-Wesley.  Back
Compute's First Book of Apple is a collection of challenging games, exciting educational tools, useful applications, and sophisticated programs for Apple II, II+, IIe and IIc computers. Lou's contribution is All About the Status Register, a technical tour de force for machine language programmers. The book was published by a subsidiary of the ABC broadcasting network.  Back
Compute's First Book of Commodore 64 is a collection of applications, utilities, tutorials, and general information for users of the Commodore 64 computer. Lou's contribution is All About the WAIT Instruction, an explanation of a rather mysterious instruction in the Commodore BASIC programming language. Published by a subsidiary of ABC.  Back
Compute's Commodore Collection features 28 original programs for the Commodore VIC and 64 computers. Lou's contribution is Remarkable REMs, a programing aid that allows better commenting of Commodore BASIC programs. Published by ABC.  Back