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Lou's Background...


CAT Scanner
Lou has had many different job responsibilities, mostly in sales, marketing, and management. He's been involved with world-changing and life-saving technologies, and has worked for companies from startups to Fortune 500 giants.

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Market Research Consultant
Account Executive
Branch Manager
General Manager
Assistant General Manager
Lieutenant, j.g.

AIM Market Research – Interview corporate and technical executives, analyze data, create detailed reports about specialized markets. Clients include firms such as Andersen Consulting, Electric Power Research Institute, and Indiana Ports Commission. Companies interviewed are major corporations in fields such as steel, mining, and heavy equipment. Typical studies:

eCommerce Applications, for a major consulting firm that wanted to know the state of the art of eCommerce in the steel industry. Interviewed 50 executives, presented findings in written and electronic form. The report was quoted at professional meetings and in the Wall Street Journal.

Viability of the Peruvian Steel Industry, for a German company planning to build an industrial gas plant in Peru. Researched literature, interviewed diplomats, wrote a report on Peru's economic and political situation, and present and future prospects for the country's steel industry.

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The SSI Group, Inc. – Marketed to key accounts for a niche leader in customized systems for EDI, billing, and electronic funds transfer. Sold document imaging systems to hospitals and educational institutions in fifteen states. Systems sold for $50,000 to $350,000 each.

Starting with a virgin territory, identified, developed and closed three major new accounts. In an established territory, converted ten angry and dissatisfied customers into model users of the company's products.

Conducted public seminars, coordinated major demonstrations, managed the company's activities at professional meetings. Established a computerized database of 500 potential customers, then marketed to them by fax, mail and email. Closed sales by personal presentations, product demonstrations, customer visits, and customized proposals. Earned 100% Club for exceeding assigned quotas.

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Louis F. Sander Associates – Provided sales, marketing and consulting services to high-tech companies, primarily in the healthcare, government and higher education markets. Activities varied from small development projects to full-time engagements with major corporations.

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Represented Microsoft Corporation at major university accounts.

Developed medical imaging markets for Xerox Medical Systems (mammography) and EMI Medical (CAT scanners and ultrasound).

Sold information management services to county and municipal governments for Business Records Corporation.

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Microsoft Corporation. Marketed the company's complete line of products to universities in three states. Was instrumental in making Word, Excel, and Windows the preferred software on numerous campuses.

Negotiated and managed National Account Agreements with the University of Pittsburgh, Penn State, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, and others. Managed the company's presence at numerous professional meetings and computer fairs. Established business partnerships with dealers and other vendors. Trained and developed student representatives on seven college campuses.

Achieved 159% of a very ambitious quota.

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Xerox Medical Systems. Sold x-ray machines for film and xeroradiographic mammography; xeroradiographic processors; the Micro 50, a tabletop x-ray imaging system for pathology specimens; and VoiceRad, a voice recognition computer for automating radiology reports. Territory encompassed three states. Products cost from $18,000 to $175,000 each.

Made the company's first commercial sale of the Xerox 175, a revolutionary imaging  system for mammography. Revitalized sales of older products, which had been in a major slump. Supported customers' technical needs, both in person and through the company's field organization.

Won awards for sales performance.

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EMI Medical, Inc.  Sold and supported Computed Axial Tomography systems (CAT scanners) for the leading company in the field. This computerized x-ray machine offered a new method of seeing inside the body, and revolutionized many areas of medical practice, most notably neurological surgery. Systems sold for $500,000 and up.

Prospected by monitoring Certificate of Need applications in seven jurisdictions. Made sales calls on every significant hospital in Western Pennsylvania, Western New York, and West Virginia. Made technical presentations to physicians, and financial presentations to administrators, boards of trustees, and architects. Hosted VIP demonstrations in cities around the nation, was involved in the sale and/or installation of twenty scanners.  

Maintained market share in the face of extremely fierce competition, headed off lawsuits by several disgruntled customers.

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Business Records Corporation. Represented this specialized company as it struggled to maintain its customer base. Products included services and systems for managing vital government information—elections, land records, civil and criminal court records, etc.

Established a marketing database of elected and appointed officials in 33 Pennsylvania counties, made visits to every one of them.

Preserved the company's business in the face of competitive price cutting. Under extremely competitive conditions, upgraded five counties from an obsolete voting system to a modern electronic one, without losing a single customer.

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Honeywell Medical Electronics. As sales executive and branch manager, was responsible for sales and service of specialized equipment for cardiology and intensive care. Territory included all hospitals in Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Increased annual sales by 900%. Achieved near-100% market penetration in the face of competition from Hewlett-Packard, Siemens and similar blue-chip companies.

Made the company's largest-ever sale of cardiac catheterization equipment, developed a greatly improved equipment service program designed to provide 24/7 response to critical equipment needs.

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E.I.L. Instruments, Inc. General manager of a high-tech instrumentation company. Ownership was ready to close the doors, engaged Lou to salvage the company.

Installed a system of internal controls to manage out-of-control service and manufacturing costs. Built employee teams, empowered them with knowledge of the financial effects of their work. Expanded existing product lines, acquired new ones.

The company became thriving and profitable, and remained so long after I moved on.

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Boise Cascade Corporation's Bags & Specialty Products division makes design-coordinated bags and gift wrap for retail stores. It also produces high-quality web printing. Was in charge of four departments at the division's largest plant.

As Production and Inventory Control Manager, organized and managed a monthly physical inventory involving 75 Teamsters. This corrected a longstanding problem with inaccurate inventories.

Made similar improvements in the Production Scheduling and Traffic departments. As Data Processing Manager, lowered the cost of running the department and instituted many refinements and new programs, the first such activity in years.

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United States Navy – As an officer aboard USS Rankin (AKA-103), built an organization officially recognized as the best in the fleet. Created a highly-trained team of subordinates, reversed a critically deficient administrative situation, made significant contributions to the functioning of a highly-decorated warship.

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As a Beach Jumper Officer, led a Naval Special Warfare detachment on a highly classified deployment aboard USS Waller (DDE-466) and USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVA-42). Built an elite team, participated in the planning of major naval operations.

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