Louis 'Skip' Sander
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Personality Types...

The ENTP in a Dozen Words:
Adaptive, Analytical, Challenging, Clever Creative, Enterprising, Independent, Outspoken, Questioning, Resourceful, Strategic, Theoretical  

Thomas Jefferson
James Madison
Abraham Lincoln
Nikola Tesla
Historians of type believe that each of these men had personality type ENTP. Like all ENTPs, they were analytical and creative, and were attracted to the doing of great deeds: Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence and negotiated the Louisiana Purchase; Madison was Father of the Constitution; Lincoln restored a shattered union; Tesla invented life-changing technologies, including alternating current, the induction motor, and radio communication.

The excerpt below summarizes the nature of the ENTP (Extraverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Perceiving). Lou acknowledges that it fits him very closely:

"High-powered, outgoing and bright, ENTPs seek leadership roles that let them make their mark and have impact. As leaders, they are strategic visionaries who encourage independence in their followers, and who work every minute to move the organization forward. They love the limelight, and they thrive on analytical, entrepreneurial, and creative work where they can overcome difficult challenges. To perform at their best, they need flexibility, versatility and freedom of action. While they like status, titles, and power, they ultimately want to be judged on their innovative accomplishments.
"They develop a broad understanding of anything they encounter in life, and they see relationships to which other people are blind. Because of this, they have the unerring ability to see the opportunity in every situation. They set action-oriented strategies to make these opportunities come true, then push against all odds to realize them. This often leads to spectacular success.
"When things do not go as they want, they use their ingenuity and cleverness to bring people and situations around to their point of view. They are powerful logical thinkers who can articulate compelling reasons for whatever positions they take.
"ENTPs are enterprising in nature, and are tolerant of ambiguity. They have supreme confidence in their ability to improvise practical solutions, and they may be several steps ahead of others in seeing and reacting to change. They function effectively in chaotic times.
"Like all entrepreneurs, they are highly independent, and they usually find ways to manage their work as they see fit. They want their work to be enjoyable and filled with interesting possibilities. They want things at work to have just enough structure and bureaucracy to insure organizational efficiency. Despite their independence, they seek and accept guidance from people whose competence they respect. Competence is a key word-ENTPs demand it in everyone they deal with, especially including themselves.
"ENTPs contribute an innovative, versatile, and enterprising approach to any workplace. They view limitations as challenges to be overcome and they look for new ways to do things. They take initiative and inspire others toward greater accomplishments and challenges.
"In summary, these people are analytical and creative entrepreneurs. To take maximum advantage of their talents, their sponsors should give them a mission and appropriate resources, then turn them loose to accomplish it."