Louis 'Skip' Sander
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Lou's Background...

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Family Photographs
Family Photograph, 1995
Son Bob, Cheryl, Lou, Gloria Greer, Daughter Tracey, Jim , Amy, Son Bill, Barbara

Mrs. America Finalist
Four Generations of Very Fine Women
Barbara Sander
Barb's Mother, Tupelo, Tracey, Barbara  

Bob is the one in FRONT of the bar
Bob Sander and bartender at  the most  famous club in the world,  The Cavern
Club, in Liverpool, England. This is where the Beatles got their start.

Wedding Picture
Trophy Wife
Tracey & Jim Donovan
  Bill & Amy Sander
March, 2007 Front Row: Oliver Donovan, age 2; Ella Donovan, age 4; Tupelo Donovan, age 7. Back Row: Tracey Sander Donovan, Jim Donovan
August, 2007 Tupelo wins the "most enthusiastic/best representative of the team" award at the Forest Hills Swim Club. She's the youngest person ever to win the award.
April, 2007 Peyton Elizabeth Sander, age 7, and Duncan Sander, age 5
April, 2007 - Will Sander

Not-so-happy Baby!
My, but we're proud of our family!
Lou at 4 months
Lou's Mother and Father

Stonehenge, 2000 A.D.
Lou took this picture of Stonehenge in November, 2000. There is no evidence that
any of his family were Druids.