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Leadership Courses

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Leadership Courses
These courses emphasize leadership, management, and personal development, including organization, motivation, persuasion, and similar subjects.

Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins
Unlimited Power Seminar. Robbins Research International, San Diego. Motivational course taught in Pittsburgh by the Tony Robbins staff.

Mastering Persuasion Techniques; The Science and Art of Human Influence. Robbins Research International, San Diego. Followup course to the Unlimited Power Seminar, personally taught by Tony Robbins. For many years, Tony has been the country's leading speaker on leadership and motivational subjects.

Personal Organizational Skills. Time Management Services, Pittsburgh. In-depth course in time management and personal organization.

Introduction to Analytical Psychology. Pittsburgh Jung Society. The core discoveries of Carl G. Jung, taught by practicing psychologists.

Career Evaluation Workshop. Drake Beam Morin, Pittsburgh. Job-related analysis skills, sponsored by Xerox Medical Systems.

Self Protection and Orientation. Fort Pickett, Virginia. Wilderness survival and hand-to-hand combat. Two weeks of living off the land while being hunted like animals. They never caught me.

CIC Evaluator Course. Naval Air Station, Oceana, Virginia. Two weeks of advanced training in decision-making under excruciating pressure.

Armed Forces Staff College Lectures. Norfolk, Virginia. Candid discussions of classified national security matters by eminent speakers. Very high-level material, usually only given to senior military officers.

Navy Midshipman Training. Before becoming a naval officer, Lou spent four years as an ROTC midshipman. The entire purpose of this training is to build leadership skills and to prepare the midshipman to command a ship at sea.