Louis 'Skip' Sander
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Lou at the Keyboard
Lou has the ability to know what a computer can or should do, to visualize an interesting application, and to craft an elegant implementation in software.
His creations include hundreds of programs, macros, databases and spreadsheets. He's written them from the time of Apple and Commodore, through the MS-DOS era, down to the present days of Windows and Visual Basic.
About 150 of his programs have been published in books, magazines, and electronically.
Today, mostly due to time restrictions, his programming is limited to various Word and Excel macros, plus tutorial web sites. Click here to see one of the latter—an explanation of Fonts on the Web.
 More about Lou's Software
Lou's first programs were written in FORTRAN in graduate school, and in MUMPS when he was selling systems that ran it. He wrote no more until the early days of personal computers, when he became a skilled and prolific programmer in various dialects of BASIC. He also wrote non-trivial programs in Machine Language and Assembler for the MOS Technology 65xx processors.

He has taught BASIC programming at the college level.

His BASIC programs have been written in twenty-one different dialects: Microsoft VBA for Word, Excel, and Access; Microsoft QuickBASIC 4.0 and 4.5; QBASIC and GWBASIC; Commodore PET, 8032, VIC-20, 64, 128, Plus/4 and 16; Apple II; Atari 800; Tandy Model 100 and TRS-80; Timex-Sinclair; and Texas Instruments 99/4A and Professional BASICA. His QuickBASIC work has included multiple module programs.

His smallest published program is seven bytes, the largest 188K. One of his programs, LFS FORM MAKER, was downloaded over 30,000 times from Quantum Link, an early online service that evolved into America Online. During the Commodore and MS-DOS days, several of his published programs, notably disk utilities and music programs, were in daily use around the world.

One of his creations is LSFind, an Excel macro that greatly facilitates searching for information in a worksheet. It puts Excel's search commands onto a tiny toolbar, where they are easily accessible and do not obscure the worksheet. To request a copy of LSFind, all you have to do is contact Lou.

Updated 4/11/16