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Technical Courses

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Technical Courses
These courses emphasize technical subjects, particularly in information technology and medicine. The IT courses cover specific software and integrated systems, while the medical courses cover imaging, cardiology, nephrology, and critical care.
Financial Management Systems. Shared Medical Systems, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Two weeks of detailed instruction in computerized financial accounting systems.

Selling Microcomputer Software. Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, Washington. In-depth training in Microsoft's entire line of products.

Computer Selling Skills. Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, Massachusetts. Included in-depth hands-on lab work.

Elections Systems Training. Business Records Corporation, Syracuse, New York. Legal, operational and technical training in modern electronic voting systems.

Land Records Systems Training. Business Records Corporation, Syracuse, New York. Legal record keeping in the Recorder of Deeds office.

CIC Officers School. Naval Air Station, Oceana, Virginia. Four weeks of advanced naval tactics, air defense, and communications. Graduated as top man in the class.

Special Communications School. National Security Agency, Washington, D.C. Two weeks on Top Secret ELINT subjects.

Cryptographic Procedures. U.S. Naval Base, Norfolk. One week on encoding and decoding classified messages.
Principles of Diagnostic Imaging for Managers and Sales Professionals. Diagnostic Imaging Technical Education Center, Cleveland. Technical and clinical overview course.

Computed Axial Tomography. EMI Medical, Northbrook, Illinois. Two weeks of x-ray fundamentals, anatomy and physiology, CAT scanner theory and operation.

Mammography Technical Course. Xerox Medical Systems, Pasadena, California. Two week technical, clinical and sales course.

Xeroradiography Training. Xerox Medical Systems, Atlanta. Two weeks of intensive training in x-ray physics, x-ray generator fundamentals, principles of xeroradiography, and mammography techniques.

Exercise Testing and Coronary Heart Disease. Seven Springs, Pennsylvania. Two day course in cardiology, by International Medical Education Foundation.

Peritoneal Dialysis Course. Delmed, Inc., Freehold, New Jersey. Specialized medical techniques for non-clinicians.