Louis 'Skip' Sander
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Lou is an accomplished writer, with over 500 publications to his credit.
He learned to read when he was three years old, and he started writing soon after. As a teenager he wrote poems for his high school newspaper, and was a winner in an essay contest sponsored by the Pittsburgh Advertising Club. At Duke University, he received advanced placement in English, in spite of being an engineering major. During the 1980s, he was a prolific writer of articles, programs and reviews in the personal computer field.
Lou has written over a hundred Poems, and he has produced an extensive body of Business Writing and Technical Writing.
His work has appeared in many Periodicals such as magazines, newspapers and newsletters.
He has written two Books for McGraw-Hill, and his work has appeared in many others. One of his books has been translated into Italian.
Since 2006 or so, he has been writing articles for Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia. As of early 2017, he has about 400 articles to his credit. You can see them HERE (to see an article, just click on its name). Since anyone can edit any article on Wikipedia, not every word of every article was written by Lou. But he was the creator of every article on the list, and in most cases the bulk of the work is his.