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Business Writing

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Business Writing
Lou has written many proposals and reports, mostly for financial and marketing projects with six- and seven-figure budgets. His work is meticulously researched, professionally presented, and easy to read and understand. He has a special skill for distilling complicated material into easily-understood documents of ten or fewer pages.

His proposals have been responsible for many millions of dollars in sales, and his reports have influenced the expenditure of many millions more.

He has also written manuals, handbooks, documents, forms, etc. for use in running organizations. Typical of this is an integrated set of 29 publications used in managing the activities of a 2,000 member organization.

Click here to download a sample of Lou's business writing—a ten-page report about public libraries (117K, PDF format), including verbal, statistical, and financial material on a subject of political and societal importance.

Lou's recent business writing has included reports on these and other subjects:

Viability of the Peruvian Steel Industry was written for a German company planning to build an industrial gas plant in Peru, a country in which they had no practical experience. The report covered Peru's economic and political situation, as well as the present state of, and future prospects for, the country's steel industry.  Back to Reports
U. S. Inland River Ports was written for the Indiana Ports Commission, which wanted to understand and benchmark the economics and commercial aspects of ports in other parts of the country.  Back to Reports
Conveyor Systems in Mining is a handbook for electric utility marketing personnel, written for EPRI, the Electric Power Research Institute. It contains an overview of the domestic mining industry, a description of the industry's use of electric conveyors, and a technical guide to specifying equipment.  Back to Reports
Disposal of Hot Strip Mill Waste was written for a venture capital firm planning to invest in a new technology for recycling the waste from metals processing plants. They needed to know the size of the market for this technology.  Back to Reports
Production Planning Systems was for a giant Austrian corporation. They wanted to assess the prospects for a newly-acquired automation division. Back to Reports
Briquetting of Bulk Materials was for an equipment manufacturer who wanted to assess the market for his products in three new industries, and to have unbiased feedback on his performance in one where he is the leader.  Back to Reports
eCommerce in the Steel Industry was for a major consulting firm that wanted to know the state of the art of eCommerce in the steel industry. The report was quoted at professional meetings and in the Wall Street Journal.  Back to Reports
Automatic Transmissions was for a maker of industrial robots who wanted specific information about makers of diecast aluminum cases for automotive automatic transmissions.  Back to Reports
Roller Compaction in the Pharmaceutical Industry was for an equipment maker who wanted to know his prospects in a new market from which he had been receiving inquiries.  Back to Reports

Lou wrote or made major contributions to every item in this collection of management tools for the Pennsylvania Professional Employment Network:

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