Louis 'Skip' Sander
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Lou's Background...

Formal Education

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Formal Education

Master of Business Administration
University of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois
University of Chicago

Bachelor of Science in
Electrical Engineering
Duke University
Durham, North Carolina
Duke University Shield
Duke University Logo
Lou went to Duke on a full scholarship from the U.S. Navy. He qualified for advanced placement in English, and graduated in the top quarter of his class. For three years he was president of a campus technical organization, and moved it from inactive obscurity to a position of national prominence.

He was commissioned as a Naval Officer, and served four years at sea on warships and in a Naval Special Warfare unit. Within weeks of his release from active duty, he was attending graduate school.

At the University of Chicago, he studied under distinguished professors, majoring in marketing and economics. He took a very heavy course load, graduating in record time, and in the top quarter of his class.