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Sales Courses

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Sales Courses
These courses emphasize persuasion and the techniques of professional selling. Most of them cover product information as well, but all are basically oriented toward sales.

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Professional Selling Skills I. Northbrook, Illinois. How to sell consultatively. Four week course, spread over six months. A classic course in professional sales, developed and taught by the training division of Xerox Corporation.

Professional Selling Skills II. Pleasantville, New York. Advanced version of the course described above. Very powerful selling techniques.

Effective Presentation Skills. Communispond Development Institute, Boston. Physical and technical skills for making powerful presentations, taught by a professional actor.

Personal Organizational Skills. Time Management Services, Pittsburgh. In-depth course in time management and personal organization.

Phone Power. Bell of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh. Telephone skills and telemarketing techniques, for workers and their supervisors.

Mastering Persuasion Techniques; The Science and Art of Human Influence. Robbins Research International, San Diego. Sales-oriented motivational course, personally taught by Tony Robbins.

Long Term Care Training. G. E. Capital Assurance, Pittsburgh. Sales and product training to become a Licensed Agent selling long term care insurance.

Selling Microcomputer Software. Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, Washington. Professional training in the techniques of consultative selling.

Computer Selling Skills. Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, Massachusetts. Two week comprehensive sales course.

Collecting Past Due Accounts. Parson-Bishop National Collections, Cincinnati. Powerful sales and collections course for the company's Area Directors.

Introductory Real Estate. U.S. Armed Forces Institute correspondence course. This course later helped me get a real estate license, and twice to sell my own house when I moved.