Louis 'Skip' Sander
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Lou's Interests...


Northland Public Library
Lou has had a lifelong interest in books and libraries. He got his first library card in the 1950s, from a bookmobile operated by Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. He presently holds cards at several public, academic, and private libraries.

He has made fact-finding visits to dozens of libraries in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York and Virginia.

From 1978-1989, he served on the board of trustees of Northland Public Library, as chairman, vice chairman, and member of the finance committee. He was an active participant in the growth of Northland from a storefront operation to Pennsylvania's largest (and best) suburban public library. He was instrumental in the formation, launching and early operation of the Northland Public Library Foundation and the Advocates for Northland Public Library.

He served on the Planning Council for the State Library of Pennsylvania, participated extensively in developing its Comprehensive Long Range Plan for Pennsylvania Libraries, and chaired its committee on library technology.

From 1995-2000, he was active in the Allegheny County Library Association, first as delegate from Avalon Public Library, then as a private citizen, then as delegate from Emsworth Public Library.

He is an outspoken advocate for financial disclosure and fiscal responsibility in libraries, and a vigorous opponent of library pornography. This puts him at odds with the Allegheny County Library Association, whose leaders oppose financial disclosure and promote the distribution of pornography to children. Really.