Louis 'Skip' Sander
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Lou's Interests...


Edgar Allan Poe
Lou has been writing poetry since high school.  He writes everything from light verse to serious poetry, almost always in rhyme. His poems have had wide exposure on the Internet, and people from many countries have liked them. He also reads poetry and collects the works of his favorite poets.

You can see some of Lou's poems under Lou's Creations, HERE.

The links below lead to some poems from Lou's favorite poets.

Some Works from Lou's Favorite Poets...

Nationality & Era
Archilochus of Paros
Greek, 7th Century B.C.
Persian, 1207-1273
Robert Herrick
English, 1591-1674
William Blake
English, 1757-1827
John Clare
English, 1793-1864
Edgar Allan Poe
American, 1809-1849
Rudyard Kipling
English, 1865-1936
Countee Cullen
American, 1903-1946